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1.       Title

The group shall be called Letchworth Caribbean Harmony Group.


2.        Objectives

(a) To promote cultural, social, educational and economical activities among the Caribbean community in Letchworth and surrounding areas


(b) To promote the welfare of members by such legitimate actions as may be agreed by the Executive committee.


3.       Membership

(a) Membership shall be open to any person of Caribbean descent or any other person(s) with a bona fide interest in this community group.


(b) Members must agree to abide by the rules of the group.


4.       Management

(a) The group shall be managed by an Executive Committee comprising of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer,  Assistant Treasurer and eight other ordinary members.  This committee will be elected at the annual general meeting.  Any further reference to the committee in this constitution means “Executive Committee”.


(b) The committee shall have full control over the funds, property and affairs of the group and may engage in any legitimate activity that furthers the objectives of the group.


(c) The committee shall have the power to expel, or suspend the membership of any member whose behaviour is deemed to be detrimental to the group in writing. Any member so affected shall have the right of appeal at the Annual General Meeting or a specially convened Appeals Meeting, providing the said member has the support of two thirds the committee. An appeal must be lodged with the Secretary in writing within 21 days of notification of the committee’s decision to expel or suspend.


(d) The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may occur during the year. It may also co-opt onto the committee any person whose knowledge or expertise would be beneficial to the Group.


(e) The Chairperson/Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary shall be members of all sub-committees without prejudice to any other official capacity.


5.       Meetings

(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of January/February at a date to be fixed by the committee and notified to members at least twenty-one (21) days before it is held.


(b) The General Meeting shall be held monthly or as required for the efficient management of the group. A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) members.


(c) Sub-committee meetings may be held as often as necessary for the efficient management of the group.


(d) Committee members not attending four (4) consecutive meetings without adequate reason will be deemed to have resigned and the committee may act in accordance with clause 4 (d) above.


(e) The Over 60's group is a sub group of the Letchworth Caribbean Group and is therefore accountable to the main group with all activities that the Over 60's take part in, which should be shared at the monthly meetings. A monthly report should be given at each meeting updating the group on issues such as: funding applications, activities taken place or due to take place and the monthly bank balance. The Chairperson of the Over 60’s group is to be accountable for the activities of this group.


6.       Voting

          The committee will be elected by ballot vote.  All other voting may be by show of hands unless otherwise agreed by the meeting.


7.       Subscription

There will be a £10 yearly membership fee on joining which is renewable each year.  An attendance fee of £1 is to be paid for each monthly meeting attended thereafter.


8.       Finance

(a) The funds of the group shall be held in an account with Lloyds TSB Bank.


(b) There shall be four (4) signatories, one of which will be the Treasurer.  Two (2) signatures are required for all withdrawals.


(c) The accounts of the group will be audited once a year before presentation to the annual general meeting.


(d) Executive Committee Members are responsible for banking all monies on behalf of the group.


9.       Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution can only be amended at the Annual General Meeting or an AGM held for this purpose. Any person wishing to propose an amendment must do so in writing for discussion at the next meeting.


10.     Interpretation of the constitution

Any dispute as to the interpretation of this constitution shall be settled by the committee whose decision shall be final unless set aside by a properly convened meeting.


11.     Dissolution

(a) The group may only be dissolved by not less than three-quarters of active members at a meeting called for this purpose.


(b) On dissolution of the group all residual funds after discharging all outstanding liabilities shall be donated to a designated charity (ies) agreed by the group.


(c) On dissolution of the group all inventory items will be sold with the remuneration given to charity (ies) agreed by the group.  Members of the group will have priority to purchase items.  Any remaining items will be given to charity or sold to any other interested parties with the remuneration given to charity.


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